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The following testimonials and quotes were told and sent to me by patients, with their permission to use them on my website. They are intended to illustrate to prospective patients the high level of treatment care they can expect from me. As we are all unique, any reference to improvement in health should not be generalised.

"Acupuncture has been a discovery for me. I believe it helped me get pregnant in the first place in that the increased blood flow to my uterus would have helped my embryo to implant. It has been v useful during my pregnancy in helping me relax, focus and with the various little niggles that come with pregnancy such as acid, low iron levels and trapped wind. Eve in particular has been great and we have built a good relationship." LP, IVF patient

"Absolutely gorgeous baby in every way. Thank you for all your help in getting us here, we are over the moon and he's already bringing us so much happiness. You were such a wonderful support to me after baby T's death and I'll never forget that." RM, south London

"Thank you for all your help with my migraines. I'm in such an infinitely better place than 3 months ago. I really value your treatments and know that I will benefit from continuing regularly.And I've so enjoyed our chats!" KO, Kentish Town

"With my arthritis and after 2 miscarriages, as well as my husband having low sperm morphology, you were such a help in helping to get me pregnant again and in keeping this baby. Thank you so much." SB, Archway

"Having regular acupuncture has reduced my sinusitis enormously. I just don't cough all day like I used to, or get the chest infections that I used to get." BA, Hampstead

"I really feel more centred. Your acupuncture has definitely helped my long standing depression. I want to keep coming for this." TN, patient

"With my longstanding dry cough, I immediately felt a moisture after treatment, and it was gone within a few days." AS, Kentish Town

"I've been finding these sessions have really been helping me, emotionally as well as physically. I've been feeling quite Zen about things, able to let go of the anxiety and control more easily. The release I've felt through those first 2 sessions with the needle in my forehead really helped me get rid of the accumulation of negative emotions and tensions." JP, fertility patient

"I've been sleeping so much better since I've been having acupuncture with Eve, better than I can remember. There's a really staggering difference. And I don't get any pains in my knees." - EC, Hampstead

"I feel it really helped my digestive and other symptoms. I had the best night's sleep ever." - RP, Gospel Oak

"My hip felt so much better after treatment and its lasted!" TP, Tufnell Park

"My period pain is so much less." LP, south London

"I'm very pleased with the progress with my migraines! I feel so much better already." NP, Tufnell Park

"Thank you Eve. You've helped me navigate this process and made it feel much less horrible."RS, fertility client

“I feel much better in myself. I’m not in constant pain any more since I’ve been having acupuncture.” GW, Finsbury Park

"Whatever you've done with my knees, they're behaving really well. I'm not having the bother I had with them caving in and not supporting me." CM, 83

"My baby boy was born Wednesday night, 6lbs 3ozs. Very beautiful. Thank you for helping him come into the world Eve." MB, 40 yrs old, south London

"I'm very pleased with the progress with my migraines! I feel so much better already."NP, Tufnell Park

"I felt so fantastic after the last session. I want the same again please." MM, Covent Garden

"I've become a bit of an addict for acupuncture" JB, fertility client

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